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Hafez Tomb - Persian poet - Shiraz

The tomb of 14th-century Persian poet Hafez in Shiraz

PDN – One of informative Dutch-language books about Persia (Iran) has been written by Maurits Wagenvoort. The 84-page book entitled Karavaanreis door Zuid-Perzië (Caravan Journey through Southern Persia) was published in 1926.
Here few photos from the book have been selected and scanned for the visitors of Persian Dutch Network website.

The Anglo-Indian Telegraph in Shiraz

The Anglo-Indian Telegraph in Shiraz

Persian Nomad Women

Persian Nomad Women

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Mount Damāvand is the highest peak in Persia (Iran), and has a special place in Persian mythology and folklore.

The Bridge and the Caravan...
The Bridge and the Caravan…

Karavaanreis door Zuid-Perzië
door Maurits Wagenvoort, C.A. Mees, Santpoort, 1926
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